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Blogging Focus for 2011

The new year has now settled in well and truly – how did it get to be February already.  It seems that I’ve been really focussed on my summer projects and have not had time to look up and blog in here for ages. Mind you I’ve been blogging elsewhere and you may find these new blogs of interest.

  1. Australia Series – this blog has been set up to promote and comment on the shows we’ve planned for the year. These include eT@lking; eportfolio community of practice; community connect; tech talk tuesdays and techno languages LIVE.
  2. Celtic Family History – this blog was created to tell my family history stories and to provide glimpses into our past in small chunks, easy to read and by doing it as a blog I can do short pieces of research and get a story completed relatively quickly.

And now I am heading off into the realm of Moodle – a focus for me in several projects for the beginning of 2011. I am enjoying the different tasks involved in these Elearning Innovation projects – you can see some of the progress reports and anecdotes at these two new blogs:

  1. Eliberation – this blog was set up to provide commentary on the Reflect and Connect programs for 2010 and 2011. You’ll find some details about the latest delivery available for the Reflect and Connect course at this site. If you are interested in learning in Moodle and Mahara and have a passion for online learning, take a look at the details in the Eliberation page here in this blog.
  2. UYCHelearning – this blog was set up to provide commentary on the development of elearning capacity at the Upper Yarra Community College. They are delving into a blended approach for delivering Aged Care courseware using Moodle, iPads and Flip cameras – an eclectic mix of technology.

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