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Reflect and Connect – winter collections

Episode 1: the start of a new delivery of Reflect and Connect

I am trying out a new strategy for keeping this blog up-to-date.

Two things I am doing to start the reflections each week include:

  1. Using my Oh Life! blog to make short updates in journal format that I can harvest later
  2. Using an internal blog in the Moodle forum for Reflect and Connect to gather my thoughts on what’s happend each week and harvest that for this blog too.

Oh Life! Jottings:

Mon, Jun 20 2011 Must set aside time now for reflections on the R & C blog, Also need to schedule some blogging time for my Baranduda blog

Mon, May 30 2011  Excitement this month – building a MOOC

Reflect & Connect Moodle Blog notes:

I am reminded how each person has very different learning styles and how important it is to encourage them to validate them and work with them.

Establishing a learning goal is an empowering task however it often needs comments from others to help you clarify the goal and make it achievable.

Reflective practices vary between educators and we need to encourage participants in this course to use whatever strategy they prefer. We could encourage them to collect their thoughts in the Moodle blog as a forerunner to posting them in their Blog on the web for sharing with others.

Time was once again mentioned as a challenge for participants in commitment to the course, attending webinars, or completing assignments. We need to remind them that they can always let us know if they are challenged for time in any week. Completions can happen during the entire course – not just in each week. Time for reflections in between are useful.

Okay, now that I have a process, I can probably keep to that and manage a weekly blog in here for my Winter Collections! Wish me luck!


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