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Can I draw my own graphics?


Learning the basics – or becoming a Rockstar?

1. What are my hopes/fears for this course?
Hope to learn how to create hand drawn graphics that suit my purpose. Fear that I lack skills.

2. What areas of my life do I plan to use scribing?
The drawings I will begin with will suit the project I am currently working on – the development of graphic designs for presentations to go with our webinars for the EpCoP MOOC.

3. What does success look like for me after I take this course?
Success will present itself in achieving my hope (goals) and I will be open to the new style of elearning in a genre outside of my comfort zone – who knows what I can achieve.

… the back story …

I was so inspired by Nancy White’s hand drawn illustrations for her recent presentation online that I immediately went on the mailing list for the course with AlphaChimp University.

Today I received my notification to enrol at the discounted early bird rate and I’m in. Already I like what I see, some nice simple designs, a video and some things to do to get started. This has taught me some things that could be incorporated into the EpCoP MOOC – I am thrilled.

Now all I need to do is activate the left side of my brain and get cracking on some of my visuals that I want to draw – got the cartridge paper (in a nice bright pink bound notebook) and pens and pencils gathered already and can begin with some doodling to answer some of the opening questions.

Now I have a new purpose for blogging again!


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4 thoughts on “Can I draw my own graphics?

  1. you should check out Christine Martell’s blog and this is her business website

    She is utterly fantastic! Explores very heavily the visual side of ourselves and how we can use that to learn. She is an AMAZING artist to boot

    you will get heaps of great ideas from her! She is on twitter too – rarely but she is out there! Cheers and good luck!

  2. Great to see that you’re on the drawing tip Carole!

    I’m a big fan of Giulia Forsythe’s Visual Note taking style. Giulia’s work is colourful, fun and most importantly informative.

    Looking forward to seeing your drawing work from the AlphaChimp course and the drawings you produce for the EpCoP MOOC.

  3. Good for you Carole – I am sure you can do anything you put your mind to! Looking forward to seeing some nice graphics appearing on all your various posts! Its right up my alley too so will follow your progress with interest!

  4. thanks guys for your support and your tips – I’m keen to explore this new side of my brain heh heh!