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It is just one week out for the start of the EpCoP MOOC and it has been a whirlwind of delightful collaboration; a complex and challenging experience; and a most gratifying and rewarding project. There are now 75 + registered participants and the pre-course communications have begun in earnest. Participants are beginning their journey into E-portfolio world by considering their hopes and fears and getting their thoughts oriented towards what an e-portfolio is going to mean for them.

Our team of volunteer mentors and busily getting ready for their part in the journey and the design team are really excited and looking forward to sharing their vision for the MOOC experience in the Introductory Webinar scheduled for Wednesday July 27th at 8 pm Sydney time at the Australia e-Series Blackboard Collaborate room.

We are encouraging the participants to blog about their experiences along the way to mark the beginning and the milestones along the way. The Design Team has been blogging consistently about the design and development collaborative experiences in the epcop mooc blog and will continue to do that throughout August and September. I will also be adding some blog posts here from time to time and also collecting and showcasing our project in my e-portfolio in the cloud.

By using an e-portfolio approach to documenting my journey with the MOOC I am also leading others in the process, step by step, for those who are looking for ideas on how to use their e-portfolios effectively.



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  1. Hi Carole. Paul and Manjit are really excited about being part of MOOC. Hope it goes really well. Eleanor

  2. I am glad you’ve decided to join us – you’re presence will make it more enjoyable. CC