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Scoop It: another wave of collecting

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I have been gathering more web based resources, posts, blogs, and tweets fro the web using Scoop It. This has proven to be a most exciting and fun way to do some focussed research. Scoop It is fast gaining followers in the EpCoP MOOC and a few people are now following my latest Scoop It publication called Preparing for self-directed learning.

What I like most about Scoop It is that others can suggest additional scoops to add to your Scoop It – this way the publication can grow collaboratively. You can add your own Scoop It as you proceed in the MOOC – gathering up those web-based resources into the one publication for sharing – neat!

Try it its easy, free and fun!


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One thought on “Scoop It: another wave of collecting

  1. Thanks Carole I have created one for Skype 5.5 versus Google Plus(Hangout) and Facebooks Chat area at