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Commissioner CC: joining the EpCoP Case

Participants in the EpCoP MOOC are getting involved in the Epcop Case – created by Detective Ryan Peterovski and followed by many ‘agents’.

This week I’ve been exploring a few tools to help store the ‘clues’ from the EpCoP Case. I have had some fun and new learning with:

  • Scoop It
  • NetVibes
  • LiveBinders

and have added those as artefacts in my EpCoP MOOC eportfolio page.

Now I’m leaving clues for other places to find my resources for the EpCoP Case – being investigated by Detective Ryan Peterovski – and my most recent clue is showing on the EpCoP Evidence Map. At first I found this task to be complex and confusing, I had used Google Maps before but I had not been able to upload my photo of the evidence to the map. Today I was fortunate to read the instructions from @CaptPoirot in the Novice help Line group in the Ning community and made some headway in this challenge.

Here’s clue number one:

In the old days (pre 2010) I stored most of my artefacts on a USB – yes quaint and old fashioned I know – but it was useful when moving from one computer to the other. Portability and storage was what I was after.

I could create artefacts at work, at home, at a workshop or at a conference then I could save them to my USB. Then I could add them to my eportfolios whenever I liked.

The problem with USBs is they can easily be lost and they fill up really quickly. The other issue I had was what version of the artefact was stored on the USB? I ended up with several versions of the same thing – confusing.


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