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Talking about leadership!

This week I will deliver a speech to my Albury Wodonga Toastmasters club on the topic of club culture and leadership.

This is part of my work towards gaining my Advanced Leader Bronze Award. To obtain this award I must:

complete the Competent Leadership manual, and achieve Competent Communicator status, serve at least six months as a club officer, participate in the preparation of a Club Success Plan, participate in club officer training, conduct any two presentations from:

  • The Successful Club Series
  • The Leadership Excellence Series

I have achieved most of these and now I can focus on the two speeches.

This week’s speech will focus on the four elements of club culture that I perceive as essential for a successful club.

These are the pillars of success as I visualise them and will unpack these to encourage greater ownership of our own club culture and growth in confidence as a Toastmaster.

In my speech I will focus on drawing out the most important aspects of each pillar and put it into the context for members at my club. We have a particular type of club culture at AWT that has shifted and reshaped over the years I have been a member.

This speech and the next one on Club Leadership Success with form segues into the work I am planning to do towards my High Performance Leadership project. This project will involve the development of a vision and mission based on core values in our club; recruiting and building and action team, developing an action plan; preparing and delivering the strategy envisioned and moving the club into a new domain of ‘cultural expansion’.

I believe that I have sufficient skills in leadership, project management and visionary tactics to achieve some of my wider goals for my club colleagues at Albury Wodonga.

The speech and accompanying slides for my Improving Club Culture Speech will be included as assets in my e-portfolio (googlio) to further my collections in my lifelong learning journey.



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