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Reflections on #change11 MOOC

I like the idea of a regular Daily Newsletter from Steve, George and Dave for the CHANGE11 MOOC and eagerly await them. As I am fairly disciplied when it comes to ‘dealing with’ content of emails immediately, I find it best to ‘just do it’ then and there. So this morning as I looked through the Daily Newsletter I realised I needed to revisit my blog and post some reflections.

Week One in the CHANGE11 was a great beginning with a myriad of scaffolding to ensure that I was well prepared and engaged in all the processes that were coming up. The realtime events will be in a time zone not compatible with the Australia time zone so I’m happy to keep up with the asynchronous communications. The videos etc are useful for that purpose. I have included a small video reflection here as my contribution for this week – done in screenr – I’m not a big fan of doing the talking heads videos would rather give something for the viewer to look at on screen other than my head. So here’s my reflection for this week.


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