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Reflective writing posted in HootCourse as an Essay – goes directly to your blog. Now that’s cool.


#change11 – Tweets to Hoots!

I believe we all agree that it is both fashionable and educational to keep up-to-date with trends in social networking using our favourite tools. Then we end up with several places to visit online and leave our digital trail. For a new person to e-learning this can be confusing and distracting. We need a way of including micro-blogging and social networking and reflective practice in a blog – all in the one place. There is a gap between social networking and learning spaces. We need to ‘go where the students are’ – Twitter, Facebook and Blogs.

This week I’ve been exploring how well HootCourse can fill this gap.

My new ‘one place’ (googlesite) is being developed as a portal for an e-skills program and I have embedded the Hootcourse code directly onto the home page. (Note: this site is currently under construction – more news on that soon.)

Participants in the e-skills program will be able to send ‘hoots’ (140 character messages with the #eskillsmooc hashtag automatically built in) directly to both Twitter and Facebook from a panel on the googlesite.

Digging a little deeper into this beta version of I discover that the user can also choose to send a post to their designated blog page using the Essay tool rather than the Tweet tool. Now the potential for this clever HootCourse service is really filling the gap. Participants will be able to send their reflections on their e-skills learning directly to a Bloggger, WordPress or other blog site directly from the e-skills googlesite – a true one stop shop!

This posting was constructed in HootCourse and automatically posted to my blog. No image input tool yet, but enables formatting and linking. The title area of the posting doubles as a status update that goes directly to Facebook.

Still working out how to get it to display in Twitter – but I’m impressed so far!

Oh, and by the way you can set up additional HootCourses which are displayed in your dashboard as well as create RSS feeds directly from the courses.

This little tool is helping me change the way I think about developing massive and mini open online courses!




Author: coachcarole

Coach Carole is the name by which many of you will know me - in my role as coach and mentor for teachers, project teams and networks facilitators. I work independently as an elearning consultant for my business Macro Dimensions.

5 thoughts on “Reflective writing posted in HootCourse as an Essay – goes directly to your blog. Now that’s cool.

  1. Hootcourse sounds like a great way to streamline online communication. I’ll be very interested to hear how it goes in the longer term. Thanks for sharing the knowledge as always.

    I’ve also been meaning to comment on your post about how eLearning has changed your life. This year it has had the most amazing impact on my pathway. With my mind starting to move back into work mode after several years of maternity leave, I joined LinkedIn. Through it I found the title of the career I would like to move into (instructional design) which I was then able to research thoroughly and make decisions about training pathways. However, the major impact has been the forums there which have, through following links etc, enabled me to build a PLN, which develops every week as I discover all manner of people and topics of interest, including the ePCoP MOOC and consequently this and many other blogs which give me new ideas and inspiration.

  2. Hi Carole,

    Sounds like you have discovered another gem. Streamlining and seamlessly connecting all my online bits and pieces has always been a bit of a trial – I have blogs, tweets, Facebook entries etc etc all floating around in little fluffy clouds disconnected from each other. Will watch how you go with your new toy and think about how it can work for me. Thanks again for all your inspiration.


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  4. On a much smaller scale of integration, I’m getting my students at CNLC to email their blog posts to our Posterous blog. It’s very easy, as long as they don’t attach their post as a document (because Posterous auto-uploads this to Scribd). From having no web presence, they are now published web writers and some of them are quite thrilled with that.

    Of course, accessing the blog can be arduous for ‘web initiates’ as they may forget their password or type it incorrectly! Then they are inclined to take the knockback from Posterous rather personally.

    I do think that we tend to assume that our e-adventurers are following us but the road is often rocky. Some don’t even realise that email notifications like the ones that wordpress send to recipients actually link to somewhere else! Our e-learners often delete notifications (from wiki or blog) without following the link to that place. You can lead a horse to water…

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