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… First Followers at #converge11 – sharing with #change11…


Here’s what I learned over the past two days of conferencing networking and workshopping…


ConVerge is a Victorian state based Innovation Showcase and Conference that has been running for 9 years or so to celebrate and acknowledge the work of the new tribes of ‘first followers’. This term was a new one I heard during Nancy White’s session on the ups and downs, or was that upside down.

Here’s my take on that inspiring keynote:

social reporting in sketches


social reporting from another perspective

  • disruption and disjunction leads us to more engaging education and innovative access to knowledg
  • AHA moments need to be increased to maintain momentum
  • unlearning things can help us become competent
  • do more with less – the BCF modeol – Better, Cheaper, Faster
  • do the RE: thing for refreshing elearning: re-examine current learning practices; reframe your perceptions; re-ignite your passions; re-define your changes
  • drop the ‘e’
  • ensure portability, accessibility
  • build in process not bolt on
  • ensure e-learner e-skills competencies
  • use a learner centred approach – seek skills needs, device needs, location preferences and provide alternatives eg workshop, induction, online, content, communication and self-directed learning
  • biggest threat is relevance – ensure you have that with interactivity
  • avoid the COO – chief obstruction officer (busy building bigger firewalls)
  • LMS is dead, viva la revolution, move beyond
  • avoid the Moodle templates from hell
  • remember that social learning is what people do together, not what you make them do
  • use google tools for clarity, sanity and objectivity
  • the future is in the convergence in the cloud
  • success factors: student friendly content; scaffolded teacher support; integrated testing
  • simplify and amplify
  • navigate to educate

Great to see so many of the early adopters bringing along their first followers – we have a new beginning!

Much of the above may not be new but we are now seeing these things through the lens of others to bring in a new perspective.


Note: if you wanna be in with the crowd – gotta have an iPad or iPhone and Tweet – for popular back channelling at live conferences.


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Coach Carole is the name by which many of you will know me - in my role as coach and mentor for teachers, project teams and networks facilitators. I work independently as an elearning consultant for my business Macro Dimensions.

6 thoughts on “… First Followers at #converge11 – sharing with #change11…

  1. Hi Carola (hope this is your name)
    I like lists like this blog. But short sometimes is not enough for me. What do you mean by “biggest threat is relevance – ensure you have that with interactivity” ?

    • Hi there, thanks for visiting. Paraphrasing a speaker can be confusing to others. Nancy mentioned that for many of the social artists who lead and inspire the biggest challenge was to maintain relevance in a rapidly changing environment. To maintain relevance you really need to interact – just as I am doing here. Hope that helps.

  2. Thanks for sharing the knowledge Coach Carole. Sounds like a fascinating session. I hope next year to be able to attend some of these types of events and meet some of the people I learn so much from.

    A quick question – what does it mean by LMS is dead? That there is a better way to track learner participation?

    • Thanks for visiting – another guest speaker is moving beyond the LMS and using an eportfolio approach to engaging with learners. It is possible to track learners in the Foliospaces (based on Mahara) but in my opinion a Moodle LMS will do that better.

  3. What a great summary, Coach Carole, both in text and in your drawings. This nudges me to think more about drawing myself, which I’ve been shy to do in the past. 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting – I am but a beginner in the art of social artistry – commenting via drawing. It is giving me a new way to synthesise what I am hearing and seeing. My most favourite skill is ‘writing’ and this I have done for a millenium, now I want to exercise the other side of my brain.