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Contrary to former rumours, Moodle LMS is alive and well! #change11


There is a new surge of interest in the use of the Moodle 2.0 Learning Management System in my neck of the woods. Several requests for helping others get Moodling have come across my desk in recent months and I’m focussing on methods on doing that better. Even the larger TAFE organisations are migrating their coureware to Moodle. Bye bye, Blackboard.

Q.1. Is Moodle 2.0 alive and well at your place?

First thing I needed to do was enrol in the course at M4TAll to do the Advanced Moodle course with my tutor/mentor Ludmila Smirnova – a previous tutor from a couple of years ago. This will provide me with a ‘learning circle’ with whom I can bounce ideas off and brainstorm on course design for my project. We need a great model to inspire us and opportunities for co-designing our own Moodle sandpit. We need clear instructions and relevant activities; we need meaningful discussions with other participants and we need to be able to focus on our ‘project’ as we proceed through the course. My project is based on the need to provide an easy, engaging and fun course in Moodle for a group of teachers who are first time users of LMS. I am confident that Moodle will ‘do it for them’ as it is easy to use, easy to navigate and easy to create.

Q.2. How do you keep currency of competency as a Moodle instructor?


ImageSo its buckets and spades out again as I explore the latest trends in how to set up another engaging Moodle course.

I want to also take into consideration the ‘new’ way of co-constructing content so that I don’t fall into the trap of just uploading a whole bunch of resources and expecting the learner to learn from them

What I need to do is make it fail-safe for new Moodlers to:

  • understand the model of creating an interactive course where the learners are free to co-construct content as they go
  • identify and use the relevant Moodle tools that enable the learners to collaborate, communicate, facilitate and cooperate
  • master the art of creating a blended learning course which uses Moodle, Blackboard Collaborate and a bunch of web 2.0 tools.
  • get it – to make it relevant for the creation of their own courses.

So that could be the start of my model for the Moodle course.

Q.3. What model do you use for your professional development in training others in Moodle?

ImageOkay, now I have a starting point – I will use this to begin my framing of the Moodle experience for my new Moodlers.

This is the first blog post for my reflections on the course Moodle for Teachers –
Advanced Workshop (M4T-A)

…. later in the week ….

Now I have come up with a framework for the Moodle training for Teachers and it looks like this!

Q.4. Does this make sense to you? How could it be improved?


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5 thoughts on “Contrary to former rumours, Moodle LMS is alive and well! #change11

  1. I’m sorry, point of the post is…… what do you want me to know or do? Moodle 2.0 so what – not a great difference, not in approach or methodology so your point is?

    • yes, quite right Darren, what indeed. Initially I want you to know that there is a resurgence of Moodle 2.0 in my neighbourhood and I’m responding to it with some planning. I’ll add some questions for you to ponder, if you wish to return here

  2. Hi Coachcarole,

    Thank you so much for the lead to “Integrating technology – IT4ALL”. Looks and sounds exciting. The will is there to take part in coming workshops and seminars. Oh well, just not enough hours in the day. 😦

    Regarding your framework Carole, is the ‘Assess stage’ about trying to assess the learners, assess the course as in review/evaluate, or assess the framework/process. Hope you understand what I’m trying to ask. Otherwise, I’ve always been a fan of Moodle for being approachable, so Wahey…..for the resurgence.


    • Hi Lucky, thanks for dropping by. I am in week 1 of IT4ALL Advanced Moodle course and it is helping me put my planning together succinctly. The Assess stage in my framework is for the assessment of learner’s in their own courses – so they would undertake an exploration of appropriate ways of assessing – eportfolio, practical placement or presentations – Moodle tools like Assignments and Grading participation in Forums for example.

  3. Hi Carole,

    Thanks for the clarification!