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‘pieces of the education revolution’

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There is a buzz in the air! We are in the midst of a revolution – education is taking on new shapes! I am part of that! Are you!

Among my connected educators network there is a need for the ‘new’, the ‘exciting’ and the ‘challenging’. We are the early adopters and we thrive on change and innovation – we are now looking for more than the subtle shifts in the way we do education – we are seeking revolutionary practices for education. In 2012 there have been some pieces of the revolution falling into place; we had the Horizon Reports; we had the Top 100 Tools for learning; and we had the MOOCs. We’ve talked about self-directed learning, powerful learning practices, connected learning, networked learning, digital curation and BYOD. Most recently there has been considerable interest and debate about the validity of Open Badges.

INMHO I believe that the connected educators in Australian VET, Learn Local and Schools are poised and ready to lead a revolution. What shape that will be – only time will tell – and we are moving fast!

Here’s one shape! DG_Macarthur_r03




google+ community logoFirst thing to do is join the Education Revolution Community just beginning to grow in Google+

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Second thing to do is subscribe to the Australia eSeries blog posts where we will continue to post our articles and invitations to join in the webinars for 2013!

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Third thing to do is join in the Elearning Conversations at LinkedIn where we are talking about the ‘pieces of the education revolution’.

Fourth thing to do is to share your thoughts and ideas, brainstorming and innovations, projects and planning with your local networks in your own domains and finally add these to your own Personal Learning Network – wherever that may be online – and put reminders in place to prompt you to visit them frequently.

You can no longer remain on the fringe – you need to become part of the education revolution!


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