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2012: My year online!

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Well my friends and followers, it is nearing the end of 2012, and personally I am glad to see the end of it. Its been a challenging year and a busy year and I am now feeling my age. With the big 68 looming for 2013 it is time to reconsider my options and re-invent myself yet again. That’s not a new thing for me to do really, as I’ve been doing that for decades. However the biggest change for me will be to retire, rewire or renew at the end of June 2013. I’ve been dithering over that decision and now have come to the conclusion that it is the right time to do that. My family comes first and of course when there are health issues then I need to be ready to once again be the supporter. Alex will undergo further heart surgery in January and I am getting ‘my house’ in order to be there for him. Okay, we’ve been there before and we know what to expect, however, we do need to prepare. Most of the preparations are now in order as we approach the end of 2012! So now I can reflect on the year that was!

January 2012!

Plans for the eskills MOOC was in place and the team were raring to go by 11 January – wow that was an early start to projects. I enjoyed starting on the Higher Qualifications Pathways Project with Allison Miller by the 17th January.

Disruption to my world came this month when my eldest sister Pamela became very ill. Shiona and I kept a bedside vigil for that week, knowing that her time was ending. Pam died on Sunday 29th January 2012. I was grateful for my friends online who were there to console and support and of course to my immediate family and friends who were there for me as I planned the funeral for February 2nd.

February 2012

February was filled with projects and clearing out the little apartment of Pam’s with the aid of my brothers and Shiona. Other things were put on hold during this grieving period. Neighbour’s daughter Charlotte was in residence in the Gallery Cottage for all of January/February. Her folks were on a teacher exchange in Alaska and Heather and Jason Daniels (exchange teachers) moved in to number 2 Barton Drive.

March 2012

Did a little work for my SA friends at MOSHCC online – a webinar on social media and networking – little did I know that this was to be repeated for another client later in the year. More Moodle work for HUME eleaders during March and got stuck into some productive training for them using my recently upgraded Moodle 2 environment. Had time for a visit to Adelaide for WOMAD this year and my friend Ruth and I enjoyed the stay at The Grand in Glenelg and the music at the festival. Alaskan friends were in residence in The Gallery Cottage for most of March. More preparation for the eskills MOOC in March – busy time training and mentoring the facilitators and ementors.

Our friend and pet dog, Buddy the golden cocker spaniel, died in March – he will be sadly missed.

April 2012

New project offer from eWorks to build a series of videos for the Eportfolios Video Case Studies. Mentoring for the HQPP participants continued online. Our ACFE ementor program was getting underway and I attended the PD Day at CAE this month. Because of this trip to Melbourne, I was able to join the MMUG group for their f2f meeting this month too. Started the delivery for the eskills MOOC to Yarrawonga group this month. Also had time to do some housesitting for Ruth in Seaford. Attendance at the Albury Wodonga Toastmasters resumed for me and I started preparing a few more speeches.

May 2012

Began some training for Aged Care tutors in the YNH Services Blended Aged Cared Elearning project this month. A new design project was offered by eSkills SA and I got stuck into the review of online course prior to building the 21C Tools for Educators course in Moodle. Interviews for the Eportfolio Case Studies began this month with a series of webinars. Once again I am grateful to have my Blackboard Collaborate Virtual Office. Attended some of the  2012 iMoot online. Began the new Microsoft Lync project with AMES as part of the ACFE ementor program this month. I was quite impressed with the functionality of this software – a big contender for BbC.

June 2012

Melbourne travel was once again on the agenda as the HQPP project wrapped up. During this trip I was able to do the f2f video interviews with the teachers at Box Hill and Victoria University for the Eportfolio Video Case Studies project. The 21C Tools for Educators project ramped up and I was well supported by a virtual team, Graham and Michael in Melbourne and Rosalie in Adelaide. Our AWT Club Awards dinner this month and I took on the role of VP Education for the new financial year. Our ACFE ementor program conference was held in Melbourne this month. Reporting for the eskills MOOC project during June and yet another MOOC experience successfully added to my portfolio.

Oh my – where did that six months go? I hardly had time to reflect at all and my blogging was spasmodic. Coming out of that grieving period was like awakening from a dream!

July 2012

The ACFE Hume ‘Thinking Differently, Connecting Differently’ conference was held this month – with a full set of webinars from keynotes on day two. Mostly successful but very stressful with challenges presented by technology in the hands of the IT team in Bendigo. A little time during the break for some Family History learning – more Genealogy pastimes for me – purchased an online course from Pearson Family History. Finishing touches on the 21C Tools for Educators project this month. Hope we get some participants for the delivery – would like to test it out with real learners. The new round of funding for Elearning for Participation and Skills available this month – more applications. Kaye in residence in Gallery Cottage for the term break – good to have time to catch up with friends.

August 2012

Trip to Tumut this month for the AWT Club Officer training day and Speech competitions. Good to travel away with Piet, Lib, Pheona and Carmel. Wow, two of us managed to take away the awards for the competitions – Piet for Table Topics and Carmel for speech. Getting into planning mode this month for the Eportfolio Symposium in Sydney. Elearning Participation and Skills project applications were due in this month and online meetings were scheduled for all project leaders. Next round of planning for the ACFE ementor program this month with another trip to Melbourne for our planning day at CAE. Lots of visits to the HUME participants in the program planned – we span from Yarrawonga to Numurkah to Cobram to Wangaratta to Mt Beauty to Mansfield – and the Learn Local participants we support rose to 30 this year. Building of the Digital Literacy Library and planning for the restructure of the Ning network for the Learn Locals featured in August.

September 2012

New Moodle project opportunity was offered by the National Equine Education Centre in Wangaratta and I grabbed that one eagerly. It was good to work again with Graham – our virtual team for began to grow once more. More work with Allison Miller for the Digital Capability team and we were in planning mode once more. The Eportfolio Symposium was held this month in Sydney and Alex and I took some time out to enjoy the Jazz Festival at Manley – good to get away to recharge one’s batteries.

October 2012

Took a little more time out for family at beginning of this month – some babysitting with Granddaughters in Rowville once more. Time also to catch up with Shiona, Kaye and Ruth. The girls enjoyed a day out with Nanna at the Healesville Sanctuary and a trip to the Movies at Knox. Another opportunity to work with Holmesglen teachers for their digital literacy arose this month. Planning was put in place for three parts of the project – Lunch Box Webinars, Elearning Pathways and Elearning Showcase. Once more I could call on the Moodle expertise and BbC assistance from Graham – thanks buddy – we are an awesome team! Our Hume region PD Day featured this month and planning was on full alert once again. Thanks to the echampions and eleaders that day was a fun and successful elearning experience.

November 2012

This month was really busy with so many webinars to prepare and deliver for the Lunch Box Webinars and Elearning Pathways projects – I really did not have time to catch my breath. The Global Education Conference featured in November and once again I offered my assistance as a BbC moderator – this was an awesome experience. Thanks Steve! The Equine project ramped up and we, Graham and I, successfully created the Moodle templates required for their new delivery. when I look at my diary for the two weeks between November 12 an November 24, it is a nightmare of scheduled webinars and meetings; planning and reporting. Wow what a month!

December 2012

December always catches me unawares so this year I planned ahead so as to NOT get caught up with work and forget the other things that need to be planned for. Our son’s 40th birthday featured this month and of course preparations for the Christmas celebrations with the family at Baranduda. The Converge12 Conference and the Holmesglen Teaching and Learning Showcase featured in December and these meant a number of trips to Melbourne during the week of December 3 to 8. Finally things begin to wind down and the projects all come to an end! Phew this has been a whirlwind of a year!

Roll on 2013!


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  1. Hey Carole, I hope everything works out with the Health issues, and good luck with your new retirement phase Take Care Kevin