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Travel Blog #2: Rome in 3 days

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They say that Rome was not built in a day …. nor can you see it all in three days! …..

Day One: after arriving early in the morning on a hot sultry day to our hotel Nuomo, we needed a shower, a rest and a meal in that order! You know how good it is to stretch out flat after sitting up for 24 hours in the plane, right! Well this helped us to begin our journey through the ancient city of Roma with ease. Our first stop was the Fontana di Trevi –  spectacular at night! Easier to move around it at night as the crowds were smaller … only 1000 people instead of 3000 ….! No coins in the fountain from us we needed to save every Euro for our meals and drinks this week.


Day Two: as the weather was really hot on the next day our itinerary was changed so that we could enjoy our morning at the Vatican city first … that was okay with me… I was so looking forward to seeing the Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica once again. I was not disappointed – its majesty and holiness was still a big drawcard. These two iconic sites of Roma were preceded by a guided tour through the museum, the hall of tapestries and the hall of maps. Did you know that just one of the tapestries was commissioned at 4 times the price paid to Micheangelo for the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. The Judgement Day – painting behind the altar of the chapel, still held its own appeal to the thousands of visitors who were siphoned through silently and without taking any pictures.


We decided to walk to the Castel de Angelo (Castle of Angels – another feature in the Dan Brown book, “Angels and Demons”) and explored the old castle museum with gusto. Well for the first half hour of walking it many rooms and halls … then it was time to depart across the bridge of Angels and hope for a taxi back to the hotel. Success!

The afternoon was free time so we were able to take our now much needed siesta and to venture out for a meal at a recommended restaurant, la Gallina Bianco – the White Duck. Meal was so good there we tried it again on the third night of our stay in Roma.

Day Three: “prepare yourselves for a long, hot day” our guide said. “Bring water, hat and sunscreen”. We were driven first to the Colosseum where we had a booking for entry at 8:30 am. Once again we walked the perimeter of this colossal building and wondered at the violence and decadence that it represented for the Romans of its day. Stripped of it marble and iron decorations by a succession of Popes of Rome – for their own use – the Colosseum sits large and stark against the clear blue sky. Temperature was already rising! We also fitted in a tour of the Castel de Angelo!


We then walked to the Forum and climbed down the steps of Michelangelo – many litres of water later we were headed on foot for the second part of our journey – visiting the Pantheon. This magnificent structure looms high with collonade and huge doors to enter the church where it was considerably cooler. After that we trudged weary, hot and melting in the hot sun to the Piazza Navona where the fountains beckoned us with cool water … these are the ones that feature in the Dan Brown book, ‘Angels and Demons’.

Returning to room 460 once more we were ready for our siesta – trick is to ensure that you drink plenty of water or gatorade to replace the lost minerals. Ventured out once for another meal at the White Duck – when in Rome, do as the Romans do – a very popular restaurant.

Tomorrow we depart for Sienna and Florence! We’ll be back with pictures when next we have access to the internet.


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  1. It’s like eavesdropping on your holiday. Love it.