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Travel Blog #4: Cinque Terre to Porto Venere

Day in the Sun!

I think that Cinque Terre should be on your bucket list! Imagine turquoise sea on one side and sheer cliffs with Five tiny villages clinging to the rocky crests. You can approach by train or boat and then make your way on foot up the steep streets. At one time you could walk the cliff tops from one village to another, Lovers Lane, but landslides have made this trek now impossible. Besides few people would try it in the summer heat.


For our tour group we had a variety of transport – the coach dropped us off at a car park high above the town  of Manorola – we then walked down the narrow pathways following our new guide Lucia. Just a short stop here as we were then going by train to Monterosso – the furthest of the five lands. We waited on the hot crowded station for 20 minutes and then managed to board the train and get a seat in the two level train. Upon arrival at Monterosso I had a feeling that a pair of girls were attempting to steal from my backpack – their scam was to position themselves so that one was in front and the other behind. One in front blocked me from stepping off the train making out that she was not sure of the station name, while the other managed to unzip my bag. However I pushed past the lead girl and gave her cronie no time to steal anything. That made me wary of pick pockets and decided to wear my bag in front of me.

We had some free time to perambulate and find a tiny restaurant for lunch. Then we embarked the fast boat to Vernazza stopping here briefly – we walked past its tiny beach of black sand to find a Gelato shop for sorbet! Many people lined the streets in cafes and others lounged like sea lions on the rocks of the beach front. Their tanned bodies gleaming in the sun, they were obviously not worried about skin cancer! Some  brave young men and boys were jumping from steep cliffs to land feet first in the deep rock pools fed by the lapping ocean waves! The place was teeming with tourists!


Yet another boat trip and we were transported to a heavenly spot called Porto Venere and we disembarked to walk a short distance to our Hotel Paradiso! We scored a room with a view once more and just had time to freshen up for dinner on the terrace! Talk about spoiled! We were served royally for our one night in this 5 star accommodation!l A spectacular spot – one I would definitely return to for a longer vacation! Hotel Paradiso was aptly named!

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