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Fantastic! At last we have a new posting. Did you see that one? Let me help you find it.

Was it about a new ancestor, or more about one of her favourites?

Her Mum. I was getting depressed again when nothing happened for a few weeks. Last time she posted it was March, and here we are in May already.

The one about her Dad in March was quite good, a great ANZAC reminder.
This one remembering her Mum is not too bad, but she could really do with some extra help when it comes to finding a hook for her readers.

Yes, she needs words that leap off the page and draw the reader in. She should make it worthwhile for readers to stop and read our pages. None of her readers are leaving any comments! She needs some serious help with that.

Come to think of it, who are her readers?
I don’t think she spends enough time creating an audience for her Celtic ramblings or family history writings.

Absolutely, if you are going to self-publish, then you need to have readers. Start building a following now.

Well, back in March I suggested that she promotes her posts with one of our friends.
I know that Facebook has helped increase her followers. She got 10 likes on the latest post today and 8 on the March post.

Good work. Now she needs to entice her readers to engage, write a comment or leave an email.
Give them an incentive.

I know she had some really clever advice from a writer in the United States, just last month. She said that you need to build your credibility as a writer amongst your network. Then when you really get serious about writing and you want them to ‘buy’ your e-book, they’ll be more willing.

Yes, great advice and very generous in sharing; that Skype friend also sent one of her new stories, but she has not even read that one yet. Looks like too many things on her calendar. I had a look at that piece after she downloaded it. It’s unique – she could learn from it.

Okay, I know she’s busy, just look what she has on her calendar – for different groups – with diverse writing purposes.
She spends hours at her computer.

I think if she could consolidate and amalgamate her writing in one place instead all over the place, she’d have more success.

Ah yes, but when you get to know her a little better, you’ll realise that now she has more time on her hands, she’ll be more organised!


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