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Well bless my lucky keys. I see you’ve created another blog post, at last! I was beginning to get my drives in a twist thinking you weren’t ever coming back. Spending time with her again I see. At least I don’t give you the pre-emptive text headaches that she does. I know you like to carry her with you, and I am too big for that now, but really, could we have an agreement about the time you spend with me. Please?

If anyone knows you well, it is I. We’ve been through many brick walls together. Let’s get this creative writing project happening. Shall we?

I was so pleased to see that you enrolled in that course – your tutor Robert, seems to be pleased with your writing efforts. When you opened up his reply to your latest piece, yesterday, I was so proud of you. I don’t think he hands out distinctions at the drop of a hat! He thinks he is beginning to know you better – I could tell him a thing or two!

By the way, I would like to remind you that you promised to reflect on your creative writing course in one of your blogs. You made a start back in February, a good start. Let’s see if we can schedule those reflections a bit more often shall we? Okay I know that you are really busy these days, Google Calendar told me about those commitments, why not add your writing tasks there too. These are just as important you know!

Today I would like to offer some advice about getting an audience for your writing. Your blogs are great, don’t get me wrong, I love reading about your Celtic Family History, the Short Story you’ve begun and your own reflections. However, I think that you need to start building a larger group of subscribers. You need to entice your readers to engage; to write a comment or to share with others. What we need here are incentives! We need some words that leap off the screen and draw your readers in. We need to make it worthwhile for your readers to stop and read the pages. Keep posting in your Facebook page and give them the direct link to your blogs and stories. Tell them that you want them to give you feedback.

What about using that GRIN formula that Robert gave you? Grab ‘em with that attention getting first sentence. Build that Rapport with your readers – you want them to continue reading. Give them Information but keep it light; keep it entertaining and keep it short. And for the Now part, how you wrap up your article is important—try to tie up the ends neatly; relate the end to the beginning. I know these were the tips for non-fiction writing assignment you did, but there is wisdom here and could be used in your Facebook posts.

What about some catchy titles for your blog posts! Try this. Imagine you are standing in front of Newsagency stand, scanning the magazines. Which ones appeal to you? Look for the ‘teasers’ the words used to capture your attention. Now go and read those magazine articles and look for the ‘hooks’ in their lead paragraphs; look for the words that create the mood or the scene; and look for the dialogue. I got these from Student Workbook 2 in your course – did you read those thoroughly?

Finally I just want to say how thrilled I am that you decided to join that local Creative Writing group in Albury; I know that you will be able to bounce some ideas off them.

Keep writing – plan to write every day – I’ll be here waiting for you with an open Keyboard!


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