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Reflections on e-Portfolios

Whilst preparing for the presentation on Maintaining Lifelong E-portfolios I revisited my e-portfolios online. This process enabled me to once again reflect on achievements, but more importantly on the learning that I had experienced.

In my e-portfolio about the deMOOC experience (designing e-learning massive open online course) from 2013 I had kept my reflections during the planning and development stages and shared those with other e-learning designers. I had not updated this reflective piece since that time and something was missing … I had not included my own reflections on the facilitation of the course, in the e-portfolio. However, I did have access to the deMOOC course where I could locate many postings that would give me some insight into how I learned to facilitate the course collaboratively. These can now be included to ’round out’ my reflections – useful for other e-learning designers.

In my e-portfolio about my Toastmasters experience I thought I had kept my artefacts up-to-date, but no, there was a missing piece yet to be recorded. The recent achievements within my own home club in Albury Wodonga were still to be added and I had not even mentioned my new role as Area Director for TM clubs in the Northern region of Victoria. This prompted me to start my preparations for those updates and to use that information in my presentation for eCoP. These can now be included to complete my Toastmaster Journey – useful for other Toastmasters.

The key to ‘maintaining a lifelong e-portfolio’ is to remind yourself to reflect and update frequently. One tool that you can use is the Penzu Online Journal which is simple and quick to use and provides a built in reminder system. You choose the day and time when Penzu will send you a reminder email.

What will you use for your e-portfolio maintenance reminder system?

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