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Travel Blog #1: Preparing for Italian Treasures

Count down to our ‘big trip’ is now providing the adrenalin rush for me to finalise all preparations and ‘hit the road’.

We have our passports sorted with appropriate VISA for re-entry – required of British Citizens – and now have those safely stored and details copied electronically in case of theft or loss.

We have our itinerary and e-tickets for flights, tours and cruise. I am really glad that we upgraded to Stateroom with French Balcony on the MS Johann Strauss – a little extra luxury – we’ll be on Opera Deck close to Foyer and Fitness Centre – and immediately below the Restaurant on Waltz Deck.

But first we will be escorted on a 10 day tour of Italian Treasures including the art, architecture, cathedrals and sculptures of Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre and Venice. (I’m inspired by Dan Brown’s descriptions of Florence in his new book Inferno – so looking forward to this Florentine adventure.)

Then we head into the second of the six countries of Europe we will pass through on our Danube River cruise – Austria – and stay one night in Graz to admire the snow-capped peaks surrounding the medieval town.

On the cruise we will pass through Hungary, Slovakia, Germany and the Netherlands. Starting at Budapest (where we have visited once before) we embark ship and travel to Vienna, Durnstein, Melk, Linz, Passau, Regensburg, Nuremburg, Bamberg, Kitsingen, Wurberg, Wertheim, Rudesheim, Koblenz, Cologne and finally Amsterdam.

Once we’ve disembarked ship in Amsterdam we fly to England and then travel by car across the counties to Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and finally to Wales. My home country is calling me again and this time I will be able to visit the towns of my ancestors to complete some of my genealogy studies for our Celtic Family History.

toastmaster mag July 113My plan is to post frequently (at least when an Internet connection is available) to keep a record of this adventure.

I plan to post an image of the places on our itinerary and including me with my Toastmaster Magazine.

Wish me luck, Bon Voyage or just provide some comments on my posts using the Comments facility.

I’ll be back in the Spring!

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