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My e-portfolio


4 thoughts on “My e-portfolio

  1. Hello, Coach Carole!
    I am writing to ask whether you are still working with students developing eportfolios. I am in Albany, Georgia, USA, and we want our graduating Masters in Public Administration students to have an eportfolio presence for their job search and professional life beyond. We would like to ask you how you had your students begin, what technology you might recommend for them to use, etc.
    Thank you!
    Dr. Thomas Clancy
    Albany State Uniersity
    Director, Quality Enhancement Plan

  2. A learning analytics plugin from eAbyas for Moodle LMS. Now, make engaging reports for Moodle users without sharing your data to a third-party tool.

    LearnerScript converts real-time data from your Moodle platform into
    comprehensive reports for better and faster decision-making.

  3. I’ve enjoyed browsing around your portfolio. If you’d like to, by all means browse my portfolio too. (I’m and ex-Toastmaster, and I blog about public speaking every month – typically with videos and links.)

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